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ヴィノーブル リヴィエール デュ シェーヌ
〜 Vignoble Riviere Du Chene 〜

ケベック州 サン=テュスタシュ(モントリオール北西)に位置。1998年にDaniel Lalandeが設立した、家族経営の醸造元。

Guided by strong family values, Winery Rivière du Chêne was founded in 1998 by a young winemaker passionately in love with this beautiful culture. With the ambition of becoming a leader in Quebec, a talented work team grew rapidly. Now with its 20 hectares of vines with over 11,500 cases of wine produced annually, it is recognized as a leader in this new industry. The domain has also committed to providing "Certified Quebec Wines” authentically vinified in accordance with tradition, our climate and our soil.
Recipient of several honors received at prestigious international competitions, the winery distinguishes itself through its impressive welcome as well as the quality of wines produced by the cellar master.

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