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Message from Richard Kanazawa - About Kanazawa Wines
My path to a winemaking career began as a delivery man for Domaine de Chaberton Winery in Langley, BC. During my time driving the “Vin Voyager” I would daydream about playing Rugby and one day becoming a winemaker. At the time there were very few opportunities in the wine industry and felt I needed a change. So I applied to several wineries in Australia and after one phone interview I was on a plane. In Australia, I was able to further my education, gain experience tasting with accomplished winemakers and still play rugby. My passion for winemaking grew and I was able to become confident in my palate, decision making and problem solving. I couldn’t wait to get home and prove myself as a head winemaker in the Okanagan Valley.

When I came back to Canada, the first wine making job I took was at the newly opened Red Rooster Winery in Naramata, BC. My goal was to improve the quality of their wines and get them enough medals to break into the Top 20 wineries at the Canadian Wine Awards. This was accomplished after my third vintage and then it was time to move on. I moved on to Blasted Church Vineyards where the goal was the same. Improve overall quality and get the winery into the top 20 wineries in Canada. After three vintages I had achieved my goal and began to have ideas of possibly producing my own wines.

After making award winning wines for seven years in the Okanagan valley, my wife, Jennifer and I decided it was time for us to produce wines under our own label. The first vintage of Kanazawa Wines was produced in 2010, in which we only made red wine and sparkling wine. The following year, we produced our white blend and late harvest dessert wine. Total production for our inaugural release is 900 cases. I hope you enjoy our current releases that are focused, unpretentious and approachable.

Kanazawa Wines カナザワ ワインズ

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